Augmented reality sales quests.
Go2me – Don’t stay at home! Go and pick up your prizes!
Virtual fairies, the main mascot of the shopping mall Galileo offer Minskers to break away from routine during the weekend!
With Go2me.Galileo you spend your leisure time with unparalleled benefit: you walk around the beautiful places of the city, learn something new about its past and present, meet with friends, pass fascinating quests and … get really worthy prizes! It does not matter how old you are just don’t stay at home and join the hunt.
After downloading the application to the mobile phone a participant sees a map with the fairies to be walked to and caught. If you want to get your prizes faster, then have in mind a double-bonus fairy which is waiting for you at the Galileo mall every day. If you are lucky enough such double-score fairy will shorten your path to the prize. Selfie lovers will be pleased with the function which allows to take pictureswith the fairies and share them among friends on social networks putting the hashtag
# go2megalileo.
Hunting down fairies will take you to both popular as well as little hidden places who have own character and rhythm. In the turmoil of everyday life people tend to stop noticing the surrounding city charms. The fairy quest stimulates to drop a passer-by role and assume deep diving into the personality of city streets and spots.
To participate in the quest the organizers recommend having the maximum phone battery charge. Do not worry about the mobile traffic as the application consumes the Internet very thriftily.

Go2me_img1Augmented reality sales questsAugmented reality sales questsAugmented reality sales quests