Fed up of being good? Drop it boy. Be honest to yourself:
- Do you still remember the song of the gold coins?
- Can you hear the flapping of the sails?
- Do you miss a whiff of salty wind?
- Do you remember the taste of good rum?
That means you are stuck with routine and everyday home-work-TV trivia...
You can change it all when you join Pirates. Attack first, sink ships, plunder caravans and line the pockets with gold and pearls. 
Skills required for the game: crazy-like boldness, impertinence, rock-solid assertiveness, insatiable greed, boundless perfidy and meanness. Remember - no judge for winners.
Catch your fortune by the tail and you will become King of Pirates!
History will unfold for you with Amazing 3D sea graphics and epic ship battles.

Beware: well-mannered personalities will occur severe losses) Good luck, pirate! Night, Danger! Pirates!