Altwolf is a Software Development Company placing high emphasis on providing customers with complete solutions for a wide variety of tasks dealing with electronic trade systems, corporate information systems having electronic office with automated document circulation, CAD for industrial production preparation, videoconferencing, corporate mail service, up-to-date Multimedia and Internet/Intranet concepts and technologies. Founded and run by highly qualified IT specialists, the company boasts its experienced staff of professionals full of innovative and creative ideas. Our mission includes working in close cooperation with our clients helping them to achieve higher productivity at lower costs. We do our best to earn trust of our customers providing high quality information technology solutions that meet their demanding needs.

The offered solutions assume evolutionary but not revolutionary development of automated systems for enterprises. Such an approach allows our company to solve tasks of almost any complexity – from individual workplace to large corporate network organization, from marketing department development to establishing a completely virtual daughter enterprise.

Computer programs normally suppose long-term use. However computer technologies may radically change during this time. That is why it is very important for the producer to be kept up to date and have a passion for innovation. Today we already work on next generation products for electronic trade systems with the use of Internet/Intranet technologies, three-dimensional graphic interface and artificial intellect features.

We make maximum effort in order to let our clients receive best return on invested capital. The company’s policy is based on unshakeable professionalism of its staff and individual approach to each client. Altwolf’s interests are always aligned with those of our customers.

Thus, our goals are to: