Clean your way – reach perfection

50+ developers, 3D modellers and designers
16 years in the market
30+ million satisfied players


Your wings already exist, all you have to do is just FLY.

We are first of all passionate gamers. We build our own games, we make our own fun. We love the challenge of creating games from the concept to the last bit alignment.

Check out the games that we created from A to Z, offering full development services.

What services do we provide

We are proud to be working with top video game companies and supporting them in creating great products. Including NFT marketplace development and intergration with game projects.
Altwolf maintains four service pillars, including:

Hiring the Best

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a vendor who would say their aim is different, but in our case, we actually mean it. From inception, the company has hired the best game developers it could find in its local market.

Partner Focus

We’ve adopted an obsessive focus on the customer, which is expressed in regular partner surveys of our performance directly tied to staff compensation, frequent due diligence visits to the partner location, but most importantly in always providing honest estimates on effort and cost required to deliver our projects.


Innovation Partner

An indirect consequence of our hiring philosophy is that we can assemble the best collection of game dev specialists in the industry to solve complex problems that most service vendors cannot hope to unravel: to support product innovation by providing elegant solutions to technology challenges, feed game design experimentation via rapid prototyping, or supporting business model innovation. This implies that we must show remarkable flexibility, dedication and skill in adapting to our partners’ needs.

Continuous Improvement

Take it seriously.We’re focused on pursuing a higher standard in our service delivery through innovation and dedicated focus. Furthermore, through our consultancy arms we aim to inspire process improvement for our partners, pursuing more transparent and detailed reporting, project set-up procedures and sophisticated planning for resourcing and risk mitigation. NFT market place development and integrations.


Be ready for action

To this end we defined a series of operating principles that stand apart from the current service landscape. We dare say that over time these principles made us into a unique presence in the industry

Take off

We’re Innovation Partners, Purveyors of a New Development Services Model for Creative Industries.